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Monday, May 6, 2013

Raising Children and Religious Choices

I wonder if anyone else comes in contact with people that need spiritual direction as often as I do.  I mean honestly, I don't go looking for people but, somehow God helps them find me.

I have a friend who struggles with her religion.  She doesn't really practice the religion she was raised in.  She is in a marriage that is not centered in religion and now she has children that she is struggling to find a way to teach them. Her husband is indifferent towards religion.

I told her that life is so complex and in my opinion, it is best to teach her children what she knows.  She should give them a foundation in what she loves and what gives her peace.  I believe that is perfectly good to give them a map and training and that the children can use that for the rest of their lives, regardless of religion.

She says that she wants her kids to choose for themselves which religion they follow.  I explained that children always make decisions for themselves. It is a myth that we have that much control over what our kids decide in the future. It is still important for them to expose the kids to the religions they (both parents) think offer good ways of life.

I wonder if she understood me.  She seemed pleased with our conversation.