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Friday, May 10, 2013

Opportunities and Choices

I have much to do today.  Today seems like just any other ordinary day.  But, it isn't.  Today is a day of fasting for me.  On at least one Friday out of the month, I fast for the unborn.

I know that many people shy away from this topic because it is hot.  But, I am not afraid of this. I am not scared to say that I think babies are innocents and don't deserve to die.  They are the most vulnerable of all human beings.  And although I can not stop women from aborting their unborn children, I can spend a day with these babies in spirit.

I believe in the right to life. I don't believe in the death penalty (even for murderers). There is just something that kills me when people tell me that women have a right to choose to abort their babies. I feel that women are being sold a bill of goods.  Because see, there is another option. 

I don't see anyone chanting, "I am barren, I will love your unwanted babies."  So, we have a disconnect.  There are people who want babies -any baby- and people who don't.  Why can't we have an "Adopt Children" campaign?  Why doesn't Sarah McLachlan sing ads for adoption of children but, only for dogs and cats? Why do we make it so hard to adopt babies here?  Why are these parents going overseas to adopt babies when we are killing them here?

I don't hate women who choose abortion.  These women must carry this with them forever. No one celebrates an abortion with the mother. Women, generally, heal after abortion in solitude.  Her body and life is changed forever.  I only hold compassion in my heart for the women that make this choice. 

But enough of my personal point of view.  Here is my prayer for today:

May the grace of God be placed on the women considering abortion today.  May they chose a more tender way of reconciling their situation. Change the hearts and minds of women just for one day.  Help us heal as a people.  May all the little souls who are returning home live joyfully with you and Mary the Mother of God, the angels, and all the saints.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,