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Thursday, November 22, 2012


The symbol of Thanksgiving in The American Society.

The symbol of Thanksgiving in The Roman Catholic Church.
Notice what our American values bring to the table.  Large bulk dressed on tinfoil.  But, in church we are satisfied with a sliver and we dress it up with gold.  

The contrast is interesting to me. How about you?  Did you dress your food up today? Did you make it a small meal?  Or was yours a HUGE ordeal of gluttony?  I will give you one guess how mine was presented.  Hint: The first photo is of my turkey. I guess, I have something to work on. ♥

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Color

 I have this near my St. Francis Statue.  St. Francis is special because you see, he is missing his head.  Well, not entirely. His head was caulked back on but, since the statue is cement, there is no way silicone caulking is going to hold it together.  So, sometimes my St. Francis has a head and sometimes he doesn't.   I don't have the heart to replace him.  Maybe because he has lived here longer than I have, been through 3 hurricanes, or maybe it is just because he would end up in the county dump, but, I just can't toss him out. For now, he hangs out on the north side of my house and watches my container garden for me.

My Thoughts on Monday

Being Catholic is HARD and, sometimes, lonely.