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Monday, September 23, 2013

Participation is not what I normally do.

I don't normally participate in these things but, I figure I have just about nothing to lose at this point.
I hope I did this properly.  Check out Suscipio.

Thanking God for…
My children, food to eat, and safe place for retreat.

Looking out my window…
 I notice how quietly the wind blows through the leaves.

I am praying…
For Catholic Youth
For People who hate the Catholic Church
For People who are afraid to defend the Catholic Church

I am reading...
My Bible--There is always good advice in it.
The Oath by Frank Peretti 

I am creating…
I am working on my photography business.  So maybe that counts.  It is scary.

I’m learning…
I am learning that everything I do is scary and involves risk.

In the kitchen…
There is pumpkin pie in the kitchen and I caught my middle guy sneaking a piece before dinner.

Around the house…
 There is evidence of children.

I am looking forward to…
Fall and fall activities.  I am hoping to be invited to outdoorsy things during fall.

A favorite quote for today…
Peace be with you.

One of my favorite things…
I love Caldrea Soaps and detergents and candles and whatever they make! The fragrances are always very pleasing to me.


Beautiful isn't she?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

From my Altar

Here is a little piece o my prayer table.  I light a candle to remind me of my prayers for my family and loved ones.  It also helps me focus on the light of Christ, which permeates the darkness in my life.  A candle is such a wonderful symbol of God's love.  I burns bright, warm and is long lasting.   It doesn't burn hot and fast like desire. It burns slowly and cleanly like devotion.  I love that.

I have lots of people on my prayer list. Today, God answered two of my prayers for people I love--I thank you my God, you amaze me.  Just for the world to know, that when I say I will pray for you, I really do pray for you. 

God's merciful blessings to all my readers.  May you feel his warmth and comfort in your days. Amen.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

For all my Catholic and non-Catholic friends, please take a moment to read the Pope's letter.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Birth of a Day

I greet the day alone.
Quiet and serene,
Dawn so fragile, fleeting.