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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christ the King

Today is a special day in the Catholic Religion.  It is the end of the liturgical year and sort of like the New Year's Eve celebration. On this holiday, we don't really make resolutions, we ask ourselves if we have lived a year with Christ as our King.

Now, I know that many people don't like the idea of Christ being King.  They think king and their minds automatically run to oppressor, punisher, wrathful, untouchable, and even irrational the list goes on.  This is fine, it is how the world is.  Christ is a completely different kind of King.

So, this year I have asked myself the question with a true heart. I know that Christ was my King this past year. I wasn't a perfect Catholic. I don't think I will ever be perfect.  But, Christ was my center all year long. My life was for Jesus this year and for no one else.

So, here is to a great year of faith.  I am looking forward to another year as a Roman Catholic.  I hope the new year will be as blessed as this one.

God's peace to you.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eau Christmas Tree

We haven't used (killed) a fresh Christmas Tree in years (at least a decade or more).  But, today as I walked into the local big box hardware store, I couldn't escape the intoxicating scent of the fir trees. 

I am woods person anyway. If I could have anything in the world it would be a forest of beautiful trees.  The dark cool shadows it casts on the ground, the rich clean scent of pine needles and earth mixed beneath my feet.  Yes, that is for me.

And then it occurred to me with great celebration in my heart.  There will be Christmas Trees in Heaven! Anything that smells that wonderful as it decays must absolutely be in the next life. 

I can't think of something else that smells better as it breaks down.  I mean you know jack-o-lanterns smell like gag while they rot, Easter eggs.... I don't think I need to explain this to you.  But, it was just an funny thought I had today.