About Me

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ever notice how high some walls seem?  Ever notice how helpless you can feel when your attitude towards climbing that wall is so lame?  I ignore the call for patience in many situations. I get frustrated and I see goals which have been set too high. They just seem to be unattainable.

Of course, time passes and light shines on that "wall" and you recognize that the ultimate goal (the top of the wall) is for later. Your goal will be achieved but, you must appreciate the wall for what it is.

Like this wall, faith and spirituality are high walls to climb.  They are every shade of gray with lots of jagged edges, cracks to fall into, and no assurance that your attempt will be progressive. In all likelihood you will fall many times trying to get over that wall--maybe even doubting if there is the other side or retreating from the effort altogether.  I guess for me the faith is knowing that there is a top and that I will get to it, and spirituality is knowing I just have to enjoy the experience for the time being.

I love knowing that the top of the wall is there.  I know that I am free to walk away and come back to that wall and climb it as many times as I need. I know that there will be raw fingers at and maybe a few painful scrapes from the times I fall.  But, no matter what that walls is there for me to climb up and conquer, it is not there to keep me down or out.