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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strings Attached

Not all things of beauty are without consequence. Sometimes, the web of strings are hard to see.
It is interesting how easily we fall into a trap because of the beauty of the prize.  We think that if something is pretty and attractive and it feels good to look at that it must be good.  In essence it is.  But because we live in the real world we must recognize that even things of beauty and pleasure can be to our own detriment.

While we focus on our spirits during Lent, we often think and identify with the suffering that Jesus felt in the desert.  But, it is nothing like the suffering of not having God in your heart.  Can you imagine not being able to see God because of the web of words woven by people? If you practice contemplative prayer (meditation for non catholics), then focus on sight. The ability to see closely and from afar-is difficult and takes much practice and experience. This week I thank God for the clarity of sight.