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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lent is Approaching!

Yes I am excited! Each year during Lent, I make a special effort to pray daily. But, I keep that promise to myself and to God and it has an amazing affect on me. Each year I think not of some nasty habit to break but, something that I can DO instead of NOT DOING! Something to make me a better Christian Human Being. For me it is devotion by way of prayer (it is silent and it is mine).

I also expect a great time because this Lent my husband is going to take care of his body and so am I. Which means we will exercise, rest, laugh, love, and eat well TOGETHER! It doesn't seem like a sacrifice but it is, because we will not give in to gluttony, nor will we fill our bodies with the wrong things. We will give up the extra hours of sleep to exercise. We will give up doing nothing (on the web) for doing something for each other.

Also, this year I am starting a new tradition of 40 bags in 40 days.  It is 40 large bags of clutter or garbage that go out of my house and life over 40 days.  This will not only de-clutter my home a bit, but it will give my home more peace, serenity, and hopefully some simplicity. What to do with these 40 bags, if they are in good condition they will be donated either to friends or to the local assistance group. If they are trash they will be recycled or be donated to the dump. Either way, our religion values detachment from material things and this is a good way to achieve a little detachment everyday. I totally dig this idea...totally.

Some Lenten Ideas:
  • Find a Partner to make a mutual sacrifice--this is nice when you have someone with which to share your experience and growth.
  • Break it down into smaller week sacrifices (especially for children)--this makes the sacrifice periods less daunting and more attainable. One week they could pray every morning, the next week they could do the dishes, the next week help someone everyday, etc.
  • Research another Christian Religion and see what they do during Lent, maybe there is something that can make you a better Catholic.
  • If you forget or stray, it is not a sin. Don't FREAK, just continue practicing your sacrifice from that point on. God will NOT be mad at you for slipping up.
  • Change your perspective on why you make the sacrifice--instead of an act of obedience or servitude make your sacrifice because you are in love with God!
    I hope you are excited about Lent. It is not something that I dread. It is truly a season I look forward to because it is all about giving up and letting go.  There is no gift giving or over eating.  There is no politics on what should be said.  There is no media attention during this time. For me it is such a peaceful, quiet time of the year. It is a tender time to heal and strengthen in spirit and faith. It is individual, private, and (for me) the most spiritual part of the year.

    Peace Be With You