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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Husband Blessing

Today I can think of nothing else than to be thankful for my husband. Here is my prayer for him:

Dearest loving God,
You are always with me and bless me so often.
I can only show thankfulness with these words here
And by honoring the husband you have blessed me with.
Thank you so much for my husband.
Thank you for his laughter and his gentle kindness.
Thank you for the faithfulness that he holds towards me.
Thank you so much for the security, tenderness, and intimacy he offers to only me.
And thank you for the strength he has taught me.

Thank you for my life long companion.
Thank you for someone to hold when I am happy
and when I am worried.
Thank you for someone to tell me I am beautiful when I am not sure of myself.
Thank you for someone to father my children.
Thank you for someone to care for and love forever.

Bless my beautiful husband with peace of mind,
Confidence in his soul,
Forgiveness in his heart,
Understanding in his thoughts,
And freedom of his being.

I pray that we always reach for each other,
Whether it be in Summer or Winter.

Let him see my love for him in the meals I prepare,
In the children we are raising,
It the songs that I sing,
In the moments he catches me staring at him in awe,
And in the gentle touches as I pass him throughout our everyday.

May my love for him be evident every single day of my life.

I know that My Love is a Blessing from you. Thank you God.