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Sunday, February 6, 2011


This week we should practice forgiveness.  This week every time someone crosses you, make a mental note to pray for that person (even the anonymous).  When I pray this way, I find my heart opening and softening.  I find myself really loving my neighbor as God has called me to do.  I am not cursing this person but, forgiving them by recognizing our common good. Does this make me less hurt or angry in the initial moment? Not at all.  But, knowing that I am not harboring bad feelings over another living soul gives me freedom. I love that!

How on earth do I expect this to be accomplished?  It seems awkward if you have never done this before. But, if you get in your position of prayer and really ask for the blessing of the person imagine what that could do for someone. Any little blessing will do.

Imagine that you are the only person all day that has prayed for that person. Imagine your day if someone prayed for you and you didn't know it. You never know when you are someone's angel and you never know when someone will be yours.

Here are some of the prayers for the anonymous who cross my path:
  • that the driver who crossed me today have a safe and relaxing trip the next day,
  • that the person who hurts my feelings never feels the pain he inflicts,
  • the person who uses hurtful words considers her words more carefully,
  • that all those who need a break find support from others,
  • that all the ones who are angry spread no more anger and find forgiveness,
  • that the souls in purgatory accept forgiveness and reach heaven.
These are just samples. I can't air out my works of forgiveness. That would not be a good thing. Anyway, just imagine if someone was praying anything like this for you (without you knowing it). It is amazing what praying for someone in this fashion can do.

Peace be with you.