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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello Again

Good morning to all of my internet friends and even to my internet foes.  I am re-starting this blog because I feel that someone out there in time and space will need to connect with someone.  I am not very serious most times and I like to have fun with my life. So, some of my posts will be silly, some serious and deep, and some not so "Catholic". My hope is to have a cool blog that has prayers, some fun catholic things for kids,  book/movie reviews, and also shares some personal experiences (blessings and miracles) with all of you.

I hope to share what it is like for me to be a cradle Catholic woman in America (US).  Why is this distinction important?  Firstly, I am no theologian, I am not a seminarian, or even outwardly religious. I am just a normal woman who was brought up in the love of  Jesus. Just as importantly, I believe people are made up of more than their associated religious belief system; they are made up of experiences, emotions, and intentions. I believe that it is possible to completely disagree on the basis of faith, religion, and spirituality but, still respect and honor our individual perfection.

With that, I invite and welcome you to read my entries.  I hope that my entries do more than tell you about myself.  I hope they interest you and evoke emotions (positive and negative) to help you grow.  I will not enable posts because, I know there are people who like to spread bad vibes and are so bitter they can not appreciate anyone else yet. I hope this will change but, for now, I don't want anyone's hateful words associated with something like this.  Besides, this is not a chat forum.  :0)

Faithfully Yours