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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Casual Cancer Connections

Cancer.  The word itself makes my heart pump.  I don't like the reality of the disease.  I don't like it at all.  But, I accept that it is here and it takes and it kills without prejudice.

I came across a woman (employee) at the neighborhood bulk store (which is decorated in RED and the employees wear red (and khaki) and I avoid wearing red when I go there) and she tried to steady herself on my cart.  When this happens one quickly checks on the person to see if they need help. So, I followed suit.  Then she leans over and tells me, "I am fighting cancer and I feel sick and nauseated too.  I had my chemo this morning and it is really taking it out of me."

I didn't know what to say.  People just say things to me, I don't always say something back.  Most of the time I just listen and let them talk.   I asked her if she needed to sit down or for me to call someone to come help her get to a resting place.  She declined, said she needed to work and that she was fine just tired and woozy.  She chatted with me about her four year old daughter and how she loves certain bubble bath and body washes.  And how she loves to play dress up.  We talked about skin care and eczema and motherhood.

She eventually said, "I am not worried. I have a good outlook on this thing.  I will go in for my numbers next week and they will go down." I told her that I am sorry she has this battle to deal with and that she is not alone. She smiled.  We exchanged pleasantries. I wished her well and walked away.

I haven't stopped thinking about her.  She made an impression on me.  Despite what she said, I know she is concerned about her well being.  But more so, I know she is concerned about her daughter.  So, I pray for the woman in red (and khaki).  May her spirit be held up and her courage maintained as she battles this horrible cancer.  May her worry for her daughter be soothed.  May she regain her healed body. Amen.