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Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Season

In the US, most of our world is run via the secular retail establishments.  And this year it seemed to affect me more than past years.

Most of my readers may already know this but, I am not a person that opens gifts and forgets about the rest of the Season.  Yesterday was Twelfth Night--(that's right the 12th Day of Christmas that people sing about but, don't seem to recognize anymore).  Today, is the Epiphany--(the day that Jesus was revealed to found by the Magis).  And we close the Christmas Season next week on the Baptism of Jesus.

So, this year it was just such a clinical run through on so many fronts.  I mean it seemed like culture was doing what it could to push past the season, to get it done and out of the way.  Gifts seemed so impersonal. And then Christmas Day came and the season shut down.  The stores were cleared out, the singing stopped.  And people stopped lighting their homes and Christmas Trees. There was a race to post on social media sites to report how quickly Christmas was removed from home decor.  People keep talking about how quickly Christmas is over.

For me, Christmas Season is still here. And I don't relish in removing the lights. I enjoy looking at my lights and my ornaments and all the little bits of Christmas around.  I am still going to light up my fireplace mantel and Christmas Tree.  My husband asked for a new batch of Christmas cookies.  I plan to make them today.  I am so happy that Christmas is not removed from my house just yet.  You are welcomed to visit us too if you need a dose of Christmas in January.

Merry Christmas!