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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The pitfalls of being able to read.

I spent some time thinking about what I read and how it affects me.  I know that reading new information is a good thing and that it helps us to grow.  But, there are times that I read something that lights my fire and it makes me mad. It changes me. Shortly, afterward, I go looking to find more information to support whatever subject/opinion I was reading. 

Later, I realize that what made me angry is usually the writer's tone and all his biases and perceptions; it is rarely because this person has any more authority on subject matter than I do.  You see, writer's are good at this.  They can paint a pretty picture or an ugly picture around actual facts and sell it to you.

So, I have a choice, do I keep reading these things because of their unique perspective?  Maybe I should adopt their perspective as my own?  Do I avoid this writer because they add too much personal baggage to things?  Does this writer or their works increase my ability to live and love or does it do the opposite and just make me angry and hateful towards other people?  What is the purpose of the writing? Is it actual fact or fiction?

I decided on many occasions, to avoid writers that don't work to build bridges between people. I don't read those who don't spread joy. Not because I am a coward but, because there is no reason to take in more negativity than I (or by proxy, my loved ones) can handle personally.  I don't want to become someone else's ideas and beliefs.  And if there is risk of my absorbing anything, I want it to be something beautiful. 

When reading blogs (essays and articles) remember that there is often times little fact and lots more opinion.  Just like this last entry.

Peace be with you.