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Friday, December 21, 2012


I have to say that I have been deeply saddened by what happened a week ago today.  I have thought and prayed about the horror that some people are willing to create.  I am always astounded by the evil that some people perpetuate.  And yes, I believe in evil.  It exists, it is strong, and sadly, I know people invite it into our world.

That aside, I think it is important to mention that half of the children were young Catholics.  And thus, their parish needs great support.  They are not only mourning with the community but, they have a tremendous task of two children's funerals every day until this up coming Sunday.  The local Parish St. Rose of Lima, has even suffered threats and had SWAT evacuations since the last horrible day. 

Please, take some time and offer your prayers for those supporting the grieving families.  Pray for the Priests and the Funeral Directors.

Please read the article from the Priest's sister at this link http://totustuusfamily.blogspot.com/2012/12/acts-of-kindness-in-response-to-evil.html

She is asking for us to send kind words of encouragement to the men of the cloth in that area.  You don't have to limit it to Catholic Priests, send kind words of encouragement to any religious group with which you identify.