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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Forgiveness is such a terribly difficult act to accomplish.  Most of the time we can forgive small things very easily.  But, when it comes to being crossed on a deeper scale, the ability to forgive those who trespass becomes exponentially higher.

We have all been wronged or crossed by someone.  We have all experienced the pain of heart when someone cuts to our core.  Some of us it is of a physical nature and some of us it is an emotional trauma or both. Our father says to forgive others as we would be forgiven.  How can we possibly do this?  How can we possibly let them get away with it?!

Well, I think that this may be an error in our thinking.  When someone comes in an ruins our world (mental or physical), then everything we believe in goes out the window. So our belief system breaks down.  We are in a protective frame of mind (protecting ourselves of course). We create a world of constant torment in order to "punish" or "blame" the other party.

Ironically, this protective way of thinking is actually trapping us.  It traps us in this victimized role that the other person perceptibly pushed us into.  We are at their mercy, forever.  What happens if we shift our frame of mind? And we say to ourselves: "I will forgive this person. I will bless this person with the light of God. I will move on." When we do this. We take our power back. We own our life again.

This doesn't negate the wrongdoing. But, it frees us from reliving it day in and day out. And doesn't aid in the destruction of a human being. At this point, by forgiving and blessing this person, you free yourself and bless yourself with peace. This is really how we should protect ourselves.

When was the last time you made somebody cry? Would you like to be forgiven for that? Granted, forgiveness is so complex and it takes great mental fortitude to understand ourselves, much less someone else.  But, when I feel crossed by someone my faith brings me to forgiveness immediately.  I quickly remind myself of their humanity and the godliness within us. I get to work on forgiveness almost instantly (although it could take months before I actually feel forgiveness). Don't be afraid to forgive. The wrong will not be forgotten.

Note: I found this draft in my blog, not sure why I didn't publish it. Gosh, I am not even sure that I wrote it. It has my tone but, it actually made sense when I read it to myself. :0) Ha!