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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feelin' Crafty?

A while back I gave my rosary away-to someone I love. I loved my rosary but, I knew that he needed it more than I did. So off it went.  I don't know if I will ever see it again, but, it served it's purpose.

Anyway, that left me without one for a few months now. I have just been making tick marks on a piece of paper instead when I need to pray but, really...it is hard to concentrate and stay in contemplation when I have to stop and tick off a prayer. (that reads kind of funny-tick off a prayer LOL!). I went searching on the web to find a new rosary and I came across this awesome guy making rosaries out of twine. 

No, I won't be making one but, I still think this is FABULOUS.
If you are the PDF type:
The Rosary Army Instructions
If you are the video tutorial type:
The Rosary Army-Video Tutorial

Some people are so resourceful.  I would never have considered this at all. Never. For reals. I still didn't find a rosary to buy.  That is not completely true.  I found one but, it was $600 on EBAY! Even made me gasp, I just wanted some pretty beads and a crucifix to help me keep track while I was deep in prayer. I guess, I need to check out a local craft fair and see if anyone can supply a more reasonably priced rosary.

God's merciful blessings upon you,