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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday-a particularly austere day.  My kids told me that they hate thinking what people did to Jesus.  They hate thinking that people did this to him or to anyone.

I didn't have the right words then, so I told them that Jesus didn't enjoy it either.  That he knew it would be painful and what would happen.  He knew his life would be hard.  He knew he was going to die. God never promised anyone (not even Jesus) an easy life, but, he did promise a blessed one. He promised never to leave you although you could choose to leave him (even then he promised to be waiting for you when you decide to come home).

I told them not to focus on the pain and the terrible torture that he suffered but, to focus on the beautiful gift of hope he bestowed upon the earth.  Think of all the good that has come from this single man's willingness to sacrifice for the sake of everyone (even the non-believers). I also reminded them that although he died he rose very shortly after.  He is alive and strong now.  He is strong in each one of us because we are willing to be peaceful, generous, forgiving and loving towards all people.

Still, as I contemplate, I think about the Catholics that are being murdered over seas today.  I think of the bashing we take for wanting to protect unborn babies or human beings on death row.  I think of all the ridicule and disrespect that we must endure.  I think of all the people who have no idea what it is like to be Catholic making judgments about our beliefs (which they rarely ever get right). I think of the movies that insist on blasting down Cathedrals and symbols of Catholicism.  In essence, people are still trying to kill Jesus on a cross.  People are still trying to break down the force of love he tries to spread through us.

Today, I am especially sensitive to those that try to tear down my God's word.  I am especially sensitive to the people condemning Jesus to the cross in present day.  I am especially sensitive about my God. period.

Dearest Loving God,
Please forgive them...they don't know what they are doing
Change their hearts and heal their souls
Bless them with your power for mercy and love.